Oh My Gee…(k) I just realised I’m actually a geek… A friend sent me this joke a couple of days ago and I got it, does everyone else too (which would make me less of a geek?):

“Why does Mr Mozilla leave the lid off his ketchup? Because he likes open sauce.”

So, I started thinking about this. How bad is it really? I don’t wear glasses (anymore), I have friends, I’m not anti-social and don’t play online games (do play a lot off-line though). So what do I think does make me a geek? My love for gadgets, (open source) code and technology. Yes my dear readers, I’m a girl who’s in love with these things. Here’s a little info on me (if you didn’t know this already):

I spend a huge amount of time on-line on my two laptops (one 17″, the other only 9″). I have a mobile phone that’s closer to a computer than an actual phone. I’d say I spend 90 per cent of time on my phone on apps and a mere 10 per cent sending text messages and calling. I love playing the Xbox360, Wii and my computer (but who doesn’t these days). I can read and write HTML and am getting to grips with XML. I know what RSS stands for. I can read some CSS and am pretty sure that, if I tried, I could read JavaScript or any other code language you want to throw at me. One of my annoyances at the moment (out of all things): having no friends who want to become FourSquare friends… 🙁 <sarcasm>poor me…</sarcasm>

At any average time of day, if you’d walk over to my computer you’d find Firefox, Thunderbird, Tweetdeck, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Skype, Feedburner, LogMeIn and DropBox open. Not to say I couldn’t live with all the same service providers on my phone. I spend more time on and TechCrunch than I actually should. So:

It’s official: I’m a geek. I love it though; being a geek like me is hip these days and more importantly it means I’m up to date on many online developments. These developments are exactly what I want to start writing about. I’m still orienting  for now, but expect techie posts very soon! It’s either going to be on foursquare, (Google’s answer to Facebook, appearantly), The Wave stop last week (and according to some: failure) or it might be about something completely different.

Anyway: I first need to finish my bloody NHTV assignments and after that I’ll start writing my first proper post on a proper topic. My personal deadline: 20 August! (You may want to remind me when the time comes close.)

Paula Latifa

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